Monday, January 18, 2010

The beginning...

*warning* This will likely be the most boring, potentially serious post ever done on this blog. Feel free to pass by it unless you want to know the history behind it.

I suppose I will start out with detailing what this blog will be about, and why I have decided to create it in the first place. The current plan for this page is to essentially tell all the embarrassing and humorous tales of my life up to this point. Could it occasionally stray from this topic? Absolutely, but at this current juncture in time that is the plan. How many stories I can create basically decides how long I can continue down this route. I do have a fair share of humiliating stories to provide the world, so it is entirely possible that I will be able to provide a decent amount of fodder for the site.

Now you might wonder why I would want to create a site basically humiliating myself endlessly. That's a fair question. I have always enjoyed writing, and have tried to use various outlets to do so, even resorting to using work emails. Therefore I wanted to create something in which I could try to put my creativity to good use. A sports blog sounded like a good idea, but I didn't want to put in the constant effort of finding sports stories out there that would be required to make a quality sports blog. So I thought, "What can I write about in which the material would come easily and I could still have fun writing about it?" The easy answer is of course myself, but I didn't want it to be a boring page rambling on about my daily life and random subjects. I enjoy injecting humor into my writings, so I figured what's more funny than embarrassing childhood stories? Absolutely nothing if you ask me. Everyone has them and can relate to them. That being said mine may occasionally go over the top, in fact, I am not afraid to post any story which you will likely soon notice if you choose to continue reading these ramblings.

Another reason for this blog is that I'm hoping to give people a little glimpse inside me. Those that know me are aware that I'm a very outgoing person that really doesn't have much of a filter. However, when it comes to talking about myself or, even worse, emotions I pretty much shut down. I would compare it to the mysterious guy that shows up out of the blue on some kind of teen drama like 90210 and nobody knows about his past. They inquire about his past and he gives vague answers and of course shoots mysterious glances into the distance while providing these vague answers. That is basically how I react to these subjects. I might throw in a joke that leaves people wondering whether what I said actually happened or if it's all a joke. Now, on TV shows this shtick often works in the guy's favor as the ladies seem to dig the ultra mysterious persona, but it doesn't seem nearly as effective for me. I've always been able to express myself better on paper, so maybe this is a way to open up a bit to those that know me. We shall see if this truly has that kind of effect.

The final reason is that it seems like these kind of blog deals are making big blockbuster hits these days. I'm just saying...Hollywood writers are running out of solid movie/TV ideas, and they seem to find memoirs or a collection of writings a great movie script these days. Just think about it. Lately we've had Sex and the City, that Shopaholic movie, Marley and Me, that movie about the lady that blogged about cooking somebody else's recipes, amongst other movies and shows. Perhaps this collection of writings will be so eloquent and magnificent that a beautiful woman falls in love with the writer of such brilliant, inspirational words. She contacts the writer of these great stories and wonders if they could meet sometime over a cup of coffee. The blog writer informs her that he does not drink coffee, however he would be willing to speak over a nice glass of orange juice. It turns out they are a perfect match, their love blossoms, and the rest is history. The writer of this blog writes about this ever growing love and their funny stories together on his blog for the world to see. A prestigious Hollywood director stumbles upon the site after receiving someone's recommendation he check it out and reads about this great story of triumph. The director quickly realizes that this is an excellent idea for a movie and contacts Warner Bros. immediately about the idea. I'm just throwing it out there. This could be the beginning of an amazing movie script. I'm quite certain that Ashton Kutcher is already lining up to play the lead role of the charming, boyishly handsome blog writer with a cunning sense of humor. I'll let you decide whom should play the lead female character. Oh yes, this could most certainly be a big moneymaker. I am quite certain that is how this will all turn out. It is only a matter of time in my opinion.

Well that brings about an end to this first entry here. The stories will begin very shortly. I have many of them queued up in my mind, but I am still deciding which ones I want to throw out first. Don't want to go with the heavy hitters right off the bat and have them progressively get worse. Yet, I don't want to go too soft at the beginning either. So there is still much to be determined, but I assure you the madness will begin very shortly. If you actually hung in there for this entire somewhat boring post I salute you, and assure you that from here on out they will be much more interesting. Goodbye now...

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