Thursday, January 28, 2010

Class Field Trips = Dangerous

Alright, I don't have the energy to go into a long story this fine day, so I will simply tell a short tale of a class field trip gone wrong. During the 3rd grade my class took a field trip to a farm. I do question why it seems like every class takes this trip to the farm. Honestly, how many kids are all over that stuff these days? As exciting as watching cows get milked can be for some, I personally never really cared for it. Nonetheless, one always welcomed a trip outside the classroom regardless of how boring the potential trip may have been.

Here we were wandering about this farm that was very reminiscent of the one featured in the movie Billy Madison. The class circled the farm like a herd of sheep looking at all the various exciting activities that go on at a farm! Finally it was time to see what seemed to be the main attraction. They did save it for last, and the tour guide was really talking it up. There was a lot of hype going into it, so the class was quite excited to experience this closing act. Well, it turned out to be a barn hayloft. Oh yes, it was terribly exciting. In order to get up to the hayloft the class had to climb up some steps and bales of hay to reach an area that was much like an attic of a barn filled with even more bales of hay. This was the Mt. Everest of barn haylofts. Once the class finally reached the peak, and was safely in the hayloft they asked us to all take a seat on a bale of hay. I saw a bale of hay unoccupied near the entrance that we had just come through. As I approached the bale I called out to my friend, "Hey Jay let's sit over he..." From there I have no recollection of the next 5 minutes or so. I had stepped over or next to the bale of hay and actually fallen out of the hayloft. True story.

I may very well have been unconscious for a few moments. My first memory after the moment right before I took the plunge, is of being slowly picked back up by the woman that was providing the tour. Everything around me was spinning and felt fuzzy for the rest of the field trip. My head was absolutely pounding as I was sat down on the exact same hay bale I had missed before falling from the loft. The more I think about it, it is very possible that I suffered a concussion from this fall. However, the teacher didn't seem terribly concerned about that, so if it did occur it remains undiagnosed to this day. The good news is that I did apparently make it home that day, and in what seemed to be a conscious state. Therefore I was able to turn a seemingly harmless field trip into near disaster.

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